A transdisciplinary lens

Our seven objective areas take a holistic approach to crop improvement research. By integrating experts from multiple disciplines, we are able to tackle grand challenges such as drought tolerance and resilience in innovative ways. Our experts based at U.S. universities work hand in hand with our network of global partners across East Africa, West Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean to develop tools, technologies and methods that confront today’s greatest food security challenges.

Breeding informatics

Deploying cloud computing hubs and web application for data-based simulations to optimize breeding efficiency and genetic gains in staple crops

Cross-cutting themes

Supporting plant breeding programs’ attention to gender equality, youth engagement, nutrition security, resilience and inclusion in the development of tools, technologies, and methods


Leveraging advances in molecular biology and bioinformatics to introduce advanced trait predictions in breeding populations

Institutional Capacity

Assessing the institutional capacity of national agricultural research centers to innovate and sustain crop improvement activities


Advancing data collection and management through cutting-edge technology to introduce nutritional and resilience traits in crops

Priority setting

Delivering scalable and robust market analysis with critical attention to issues of gender, age, social difference and more

Trait discovery

Empowering the rapid discovery and deployment of novel plant traits by leveraging rigorous hypothesis-testing and advanced genomic resources

From our experts

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Brappid Apps: An idea that could revolutionize breeding informatics

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