Targeted challenges, rapid solutions.

Our portfolio of subawards tackles specific challenges that threaten regional food security. With a strategic lens, researchers spend about one year focused on a particular issue. As our research program grows, so does our awareness of newly discovered. We believe that with the right resources and collaboration, grand strides are possible in a short period of time — from boosting the nutritional value of a staple crop and building resilience to a pest to identifying new traits and improving fluidity in the value chain.

Project portfolio

Germplasm management for improved conservation

Developing strategies and tools to streamline how breeding programs manage and interact with seedlot inventory systems

Willingness-to-pay study in Senegal

Understanding the perspectives of consumers and producers in the pearl millet and cowpea value chains

DNA fingerprinting in Costa Rica

Advancing the methodological and empirical use of DNA fingerprinting to improve farmers’ roles in adopting new crop varieties

Implementing functional annotation into genome wide prediction

Creating an updated, server-based, BrAPI compatible and R-based version of TASSEL

Taro Leaf Blight in Nigeria

Identification of QTL/genes associated with resistance to Taro Leaf Blight

Seed Systems in Haiti & Senegal

Developing local systems for the supply of improved, climate-resilient seed

Genomic assisted selection in sorghum in Haiti

Using genomic assisted selection to increase the rate of genetic gain

Lentil protein biofortification

Selecting high lentil protein quality accessions using a non-destructive phenotyping tool

Pearl millet quantitative traits in Senegal

Identification and validation of pearl millet quantitative traits through backcross nested associated mapping

Fast cooking and iron traits in common bean in Uganda

Incorporating new traits into common bean varieties through genomic selection pipelines

Sweet potato weevil resistance in Uganda

Mainstreaming quality traits and sweet potato weevil resistance in development of farmer preferred sweet potato varieties

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