Driving bottom-up strategies in crop improvement

We believe that science, innovation and collaboration are central to reducing hunger, malnutrition and poverty around the globe. The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement brings together scientists and stakeholders from around the world to co-develop and implement crop improvement tools, technologies and methods that are adjusted to fit the unique needs of each community. We are working to accelerate the breeding of locally and regionally adapted crop varieties targeted to smallholder farmers with a focus on roots, tubers and banana, millets, sorghum and legumes.


Our work is advancing plant breeding tools, technologies and methods aimed at delivering staple crops that can increase yields, enhance nutrition and show greater resistance to pests and diseases. We listen to the voices at National Agricultural Research Institutes  and work together to drive advancement in crop improvement. Together we are forming sustainable solutions to reduce hunger on a local and global scale.

Centers of Innovation

Local solutions, global impact

Objective areas

Seven research focus areas taking a multidisciplinary approach


Targeted challenges, direct solutions

Focus crops

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