National Agriculture Research Institute

Institut Senegalais de Recherches Agricoles

Principal Investigator

Ndjido Ardo Kane


Pearl millet

Product profile

Stay-green and drought-resistant pearl millet

Project duration


Identification and validation of pearl millet quantitative traits (yield, drought and striga) through backcross nested associated mapping

The overall objective of this quick win was to implement the use of MAS in the introgression of quantitative traits through backcrossing programs and strategies to stack favorable alleles by recurrent crossing schemes. First the team aimed to validate SNPs linked to QTLs for staygreen and drought-associated traits using reverse genetic in BC2F2 population made from 2 contrasted lines for roots traits and from one donor parent for Striga resistance. These QTLs were identified through genome-wide associated studies 1,2. Second, a forward genetic approach was used to identify allelic variations that are linked with yield and drought. A BCNAM population (5000 lines at BC2F4) was generated from 50 RILs donors crossed with two recurrent parents and resequenced lines from that population to gives precise mapping of targeted traits. Additional markers for MAS were then generated to identify donor lines for yield and drought related traits to be considering into our product profile.