Kelly Robbins portrait
Kelly Robbins

Breeding informatics

Kelly Robbins is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University in the Plant Breeding and Genetics Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science. Robbins is the lead of the Breeding Informatics component of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement and is the lead of the Bioinformatics, Biometrics and Data Management Module of the Excellence in Breeding Platform. His expertise is in quantitative genetics, plant breeding and animal breeding with 7 years of private sector experience working in seeds and traits R&D.

The Robbins Lab conducts research to develop and implement advanced modeling and informatics capabilities to increase understanding of complex traits and improve the efficiency of breeding programs. Current research projects are focused on bioenergy, genomic selection, proximal sensing and plant phenotypic plasticity and adaptation. The Robbins Lab is involved in multiple collaborations to improve the efficiency of breeding programs in Africa and South Asia.

Robbins holds a BS from the University of Tennessee and a MS and PhD from the University of Georgia.

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