Ndjido Kane

Principal Investigator, Crop Innovation in West Africa (CIWA)

Dr. Ndjido Kane is a plant geneticist, molecular biologist and director of the Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA)-CERAAS. Dr. Kane’s research activities address the genetic and molecular basis of crop domestication and adaptation to environments and stresses. He uses genetic and genomics approaches to identify and validate genetic traits governing millets performance under dryland environments as well as to exploit crop genetic diversity in prevision to climate change and for growing population’s needs and health.

Dr. Kane coordinated the Agrobiodiversity Management and biotechnology program for 5 years before joining the ISRA regional specialized centre on drought (CERAAS) in 2017. As scientific coordinator, he led international and regional programs and projects funded by the Feed the Future. Since 2019, Dr. Kane is the Director of CERAAS, recently awarded regional center of excellence by the ECOWAS. He authors numerous publications and acts as expert in biotechnology, biosafety and climate services national and international committees.

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