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Innovation Lab for

Crop Improvement

We believe that science, technology and innovation are the keys to reducing hunger, malnutrition and poverty around the globe. We empower national agricultural research institutions to achieve their food security goals as we support efforts to end global hunger.

Our mission

Our work is advancing plant breeding tools, technologies and methods aimed at delivering staple crops that can increase yields, enhance nutrition and show greater resistance to pests and diseases. We are committed to working with diverse scientists on the ground to create enduring solutions that can eliminate hunger. We focus on five key areas of inquiry:

Priority setting

Delivering scalable and robust market analysis with critical attention to issues of gender, age, social difference and more

Trait discovery

Empowering the rapid discovery and deployment of novel plant traits by leveraging rigorous hypothesis-testing and advanced genomic resources


Leveraging advances in molecular biology and bioinformatics to introduce advanced trait predictions in breeding populations


Advancing data collection and management through cutting-edge technology to introduce nutritional and resilience traits in crops

Breeding informatics

Deploying cloud computing hubs and web application for data-based simulations to optimize breeding efficiency and genetic gains in staple crops

Funding opportunities

We serve as a support system for national agricultural research institutions to deliver increased genetic gain and new varieties for key product profiles that advance economic growth, resilience and nutritional development goals.

The application period is now closed.

Empowering a variety of growth & improvement

We are working to accelerate the breeding of locally and regionally adapted crop varieties targeted to smallholder farmers. The Innovation Lab will serve as a catalyst for these crops:

Roots, Tubers & Banana




Plant breeding does far more
than just feed the world.

Our project prioritizes:

Gender equality, equity and participation


Nutrition and food safety

Resilience and risk management


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