Online workshop

Software Interoperability on the ILCI JupyterHub

About the course

The workshop, Software Interoperability on the ILCI JupyterHub, builds upon skills learned in the earlier workshop, Introduction to the ILCI JupyterHub. In session 1, TASSEL and rTASSEL are introduced with a demonstration of rTASSEL in JupyterHub for genomic analyses. In session 2, the focus on software interoperability continues with instruction on how to move objects between rTASSEL and R and use BrAPI calls to access large data files through common databases, such as BMS and GIGWA. Genomic prediction is performed using both rTASSEL and the R package sommer to demonstrate the power of software interoperability in the JupyterHub.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce users to the software programs available in the ILCI JupyterHub and how big data can be directly accessed in the JupyterHub for computation without the need to download and upload these large files.

Session 1: Introduction to rTASSEL

Topics: Reading phenotypic and genotypic data into rTASSEL; coercing rTASSEL objects into native R objects; PCA, phylogeny, sequence diversity, and association analysis

Notebook: Introduction to rTASSEL

Session 2: Software Interoperability on the Hub

Topics: Filtering data in rTASSEL; kinship matrices in rTASSEL; retrieving data from BMS and GIGWA using QBMS (demo); genomic prediction using rTASSEL and sommer

Course facilitators

Bethany Econopouly

International Applied Genomics Lead

Brandon Monier

Postdoc, Genomics

Terry Casstevens

Programmer Analyst, Genomics

Francisco Francisco Agosto-Perez

Software developer, Breeding informatics

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